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Samsung SP-F10 – LED projector

Outstanding qualities of LED technology, an incredibly low cost of ownership and ease of use makes the LED projector Samsung F10 an excellent choice for office and educational institutions.
Samsung SP-F10 - LED projector

Samsung SP-P410M – LED projector

Stylish Pocket LED Projector SP-P410M is indispensable in the conduct of shows. Ultra-compact size provides unmatched portability and the ability to view high quality images in any desired location. Due to long-lasting light-emitting diodes with high brightness for its class with a service life of up to 30 000chasov, the playback picture is amazing clarity and detail.
Samsung SP-P410M - LED projector

LED projectors

During the last time LED technology (light emitting diode technology) has exploded significantly. What does it give us? Thanks to LED projectors, now we can easily bring our images up on a screen for presentations or as visual aids during the meetings, parties or classes and trainings.

LED projectors scheme

Laser LED projectors

Science and technology develop constantly. Not so long ago, the invention of LED projectors made so many customers happy with the new available advantages. Yet, the question of their brightness was still open and needed some improvement.

Laser LED projectors

Keeping pace with Android OS!

Today, buying a mobile phone in each of us said to ourselves a number of characteristics that must be present in the selected phone.

Android tablets list
How to choose Android tablet PC? When it comes to purchasing the Android tablet PC, there are several things that you should consider: your needs, type of tablet, screen size and price.

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