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During the last time LED technology (light emitting diode technology) has exploded significantly. What does it give us? Thanks to LED projectors, now we can easily bring our images up on a screen for presentations or as visual aids during the meetings, parties or classes and trainings.

LED projectors scheme

When it comes to choosing the best LED projector, first of all, consider your goals and the audience. For example, if you often need to carry your projector, then you will be more glad with the mini LED projector or portable LED projector. However, if you will have to work with a large audience, you will need more powerful and, thus, larger LED projector. LED projectors became so popular and accessible nowadays that you will certainly find something that will meet your needs. There are also other things that you should consider when choosing LED projector: the measure of brightness, lumens, the distance between the lightest light and darkest dark, contrast ratio and shelf life of the device.

LED projectors will also vary according to their sphere of use. Thus, there can be LED projectors which are better for home use, for example theatre LED projectors, and also projectors for business sphere.

LED projectors, Casio, Dell, Samsung, 3M

Home LED projector is ideal for home and small office. Usually it can be connected to a computer, DVD player, game console, and it has a built-in SD and USB slot. LED projector can play photos, video, audio from cards and flesh cards. Many of home LED projectors also have a built-in TV tuner for great number of channels! Home theatre projectors which use LED light sources are quite expensive. They are just emerging and are used mostly in 3-chip DLP projectors.

As for the business sphere, LED light sources are gradually replacing conventional lamps, but we can’t guarantee the total replacement in the nearest future as we see on the market some projectors with sporting lamps of 5,000 – 6,000 hours life.

Any way, LED light sources found acceptance in business sphere faster than in home theatre market. A wonderful example of the cheap LED projector is Samsung SP-F10M which costs only about $ 1000 (the price may vary). Another alternative is Casio LED projector where the both, laser and LED technologies, are used. Two variants are good for those who seek for cheap LED projector and good quality as their price may vary just from 500 to 1500 dollars what is certainly not so much for such devices. As for the 1080p led projectors for home use, probably there is a sense to wait for few years, when the price will become lower because now it is still a little bit too high due to high development costs and low number of customers. Yet, if you are a great fan of home theatre and can afford buying such device now, then why not?

Now, let’s return to the size of our LED projector. If you are searching for a portable LED projector, consider buying pico projector which use a small LED light source and can integrate with such small devices as smart phones and others. They have an extremely long life of up to 20,000 hours. Their light weight, small size and battery operation are wonderful advantages. Yet, they are far not the best when it comes to picture quality and accuracy. At the same time, this portable projector is quite useful and fun for casual viewing of videos, movies and pictures, of course, if you are ok with such quality.

As a conclusion, let’s sum up the main advantages and disadvantages of LED projectors.

1. LEDs require little maintenance because there is no lamp that must be changed.
2. LEDs serve much longer.
3. LEDs are much more environmentally friendly and user-friendly.
4. LEDs require lower power usage.

All these factors help you to save your money in a long run. And really, the life of the LED light sources is very long. Even viewing something for 40 hours per week, LED can run 10-25 years! This is even longer than the expected life of the product because of the extremely quick changes and development in science and technology.

Among the main disadvantages are certainly their price (which is too high for home theatre projectors) and also not such a great range of options to choose from on the market. At the same time, looking through the LED projector review on special websites you will certainly pick up something for your own needs, likes, and goals as we’ve defined that LED projectors may go of various sizes, possess different features and serve for different aims.

- Laser LED projectors (CASIO)

LED projectors list

- Samsung SP-P410M
- Samsung SP-F10

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